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Reviews No. 31

I would like to say "Thank you" for one of the most beautiful day in my life! I had a great time with my family and also with new friends >> "Igor, Delphine and Ali" .
They took care of us very nice and very professional. I've got 'PERFECT' service from them!
(*When I had lunch in the island, I saw them clean the beach that made me feel very impress ^^ )
My Highlight in this trip is Jumping from the sail to Andaman Sea! Can't believe I did that! It was very AWESOME moment! I will back to do that again when I have a chance.

I think I crush on you, SweetDreammers! :D
Thank you again,


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Reviews No. 32

This small business is as professional as it is friendly. I won't repeat what you've read in the other reviews- Delphi, Igor, and their staff are still wonderful! The sites were great; the sailing was great; even the lunch on the beach was great with meat and veggie-only options. Bring a small pack with a change of clothes for the ride back into the harbor in the evening (just in case) and some baht if you want to purchase alcoholic beverages (beer on the boat/ snack bar on the snorkeling beach). And of course don't forget the waterproof sunscreen. Sweet Dreamers provides plenty of free snacks and drinks on the boat, in addition to lunch. Late June turned out to be a nice time to go, we missed the rains and the worst of the heat.

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Reviews No. 33

We are at phuket from 24th June to 27th June.
Before the trip we were discussing on whether should we go out to sea and experience the wonder of it.Hence we went to trip adviser to look for such tours. We eventually found a few and after reading the reviews, we chose Sweet Dreamers Sailers.
However, we did not book before hand after looking at the weather forecast as it indicated that it will be raining everyday.
It was on the 25th June (1 day before our day trip). I wrote an email to Delphine to enquire if they have a slot for us for the Day Trip to Lone Island and Coral Island.
She responded very quickly in about 2 hours and confirmed our trip. It was confirmed without any deposit or guarantee.
The 4 of us were picked up by Delphine the following day at 10am and before we know it, we met Igor. He is extremely friendly, very comical and very experienced! Soon we were on our way to Lone Island (Igor's favourite island) and we explored the place. The water was clear and magnificent. The sand in the beach were really soft and fine, so fine that u can see the little footprints of the hermit crabs. We had our lunch there and the food was really delicious, probably one of the best meals we have eaten in Thailand!
Next we went over to Coral Island and had our snorkeling there...Igor gave us a packet of bread to feed the fishes there. We got to see various corals, sea urchins and fishes swimming past us. Soon after Ali (Igor's apprentice) picked us up in the rubber boat and we were on our way back to Chalong Beach. During the trip back, Igor ask if we were ready for a jump into the sea from his boat as the water was too tempting for him! We jumped off together with him and it was a awesome experience. We reached Chalong bay at around 6.30pm or so and was transferred back to Patong Beach.
If you have a DSLR, I urged you to bring it along to the boat as you would be able to take shutter photos of yourself jumping out of the boat and posing for the camera! Sun block is definitely a must! And most importantly, relax and enjoy. (PS: If you would be able to bring Lay's Seaweed Chips, it would be great - Igor love them!)


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Reviews No. 34

We booked this tour after going on one of the cheap mass boat trips and wanted to pay a bit extra for a good day out. Delphine and Igor run this small business together. You are picked up from the hotel and taken to the pier. We were going off season so there was a bit of a downpour before we started the trip. You then get in a motorised dingy to take you to the sail boat. Igor captains the ship with a local Ali on hand to help out. Igor is very friendly and a great host on board- he makes you feel at ease and makes the trip very fun. I was not feeling too well that day and I still had a very good time because I was looked after so well by our host. We sailed out to a beach that igor and delphine cleaned up themselves in order to take people there. It's a hidden gem and we stopped for a delicious thai lunch. After that we went to another island in quite choppy waters. This was a bit of a rough journey but igor was very concerned that we were all safe and not getting wet. We went snorkeling but unfortunately the water was not very deep and the visibility not that clear- I think thats just down to nature so we could not really complain. We then sailed back to the shore in a slow relaxing manner and it was perfect. Off season this trip is weather dependent but even though we weren't lucky with the choppy waters, cloudy skies and poor water visibility - I still had a really good time just because of the host and his desire to make the best trip possible. I can imagine that if you are lucky off season and have clear skies, calm waters, good visibility and no rain then this would be the perfect trip. I think during peak season it probably is always like that...

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Reviews No. 35

We initially had a problem with the weather and so our Tuesday trip was cancelled. We rescheduled for the next day and it turned out to be even better than it would have been on the Tuesday because my husband and I were the only two on the boat... very romantic
It was absolute heaven. We just lay in the glorious sun while Igor made sure that we had plenty to drink!! We sailed to a completely deserted island (apart from a lovely couple who had stopped here for a few days while on their "around the world cruise"). we had the most delicious lunch in the shade of the natural flora after exploring the beautiful beach. We then moved on to Coral island where we were able to snorkel and feed the fish with some bread that Igor supplied.
We are sorry that Delphine could not join us for our trip but Igor kept us very entertained. We have done both the sailing tour and the speed boat tours. As fast and exciting as the speedboats are this tour really was fantastic. It is peaceful and slower and you really get the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful country you are visiting!
Thank you for a truly magical day. It is one we will never forget (even though our camera battery ran flat before we left the marina!!!)
We wish Igor and Delphine the best for the future and we hope to see you guys again soon!!!
Adrian and Sam from South Africa


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Reviews No. 36

Unlike big commercial cruises, this intimate sailing trip takes up to a maximum of 6 people making it feel like it's your boat :-) beautiful views with a divine lunch, snorkeling, swimming and last bur not least the perfect sunset. If you are looking for an intimate cruise without the hustle and bustle of other larger cruises with value for money then this would be the one I choose. Chartered and run by the great Igor and Delphine, you will not be disappointed! :-)

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Reviews No. 37

We were a bit hesitant about going on another trip on the water from past experiences in Thailand but we could not be happier with our day. Beautiful day for sailing, great sights, good company, a delicious lunch on board, relaxing, friendly and intimate. Thank you Igor for helping Billy with his initial sea sickness! And jumping into the ocean from the yacht what a perfect way to end a great day. Will keep you in mind when we come again thank you Igor, Ali and Delphine.

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Reviews No. 38

I touched Paradise….That’s how to describe the day with Team “Delphine & Igor”.

The proposed programme and package was totally mind-blowing and astounding…

From the pick-up from the hotel, boarding the yacht, the beautiful trip-over, the island stops,
the Thai pick nick (pure delight), the snorkeling and lying about (either one)…and without mentioning the extraordinary countryside ( the sunset on the return back was the cherry on the cake),
Igor’s warmth and kindness, Ali and Delphine (what a warm welcome!!) as well as all the small yet much appreciated technical details (the fresh fruit, the drinks and the sun beds on the yacht…)!!

So nothing to worry about…just to enjoy and make the best of it. Fantastic!

Sincere thanks for these special moments…My eyes still sparkle thinking back to that day!!!

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Reviews No. 39

Thanks to Igor and co for providing the most amazing experience that anyone can get when they visit Phuket. Mixture of natural beauty of phuket and friendly customer service (we were more of friends than a customers). Amazing value for what you pay, attention to individual traveller, snorkeling gear included and awesome food included. :) and a free dive from the moving boat in the middle of the sea with Captain Igor :)
You just cannot miss it when you are in Phuket, please find some photos attached for more info :)

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Reviews No. 40

When we arrived we browsed through trip advisor to see what we could do. This day came up and although not cheap for 4 people, we were so pleased we booked it. It was fully booked for the next 4 days so we had to wait but it was worth it. Delightful Delphine did a great job of getting us booked in and doing the admin/sorting the pick- up.
We were sharing the boat with two lovely Aussies - (boat only takes 6). We sailed out for a couple of hours admiring the coast, stopped and snorkel (nemo wasn't a patch on what we say) then we had a lovely Thai lunch - delicious. Then sailed some more before stopping for a sunbathing/swimming break. We then set off home but with a jumping and diving competition along the way. Our skipper was Igor who was a perfect host and then there was the lovely Ali his no 2. This definitively has been the highlight of our holiday and I couldn't recommend it highly enough... Thanks delphine, igor and ali for making it a great adventure

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